Atlanta implant dentist

Atlanta Implant Dentist

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Implants in Atlanta

Atlanta implant dentist
Atlanta implant dentist

With advances in modern dentistry there is really no excuse for having a smile with missing teeth. Dental implants have helped many people fill those holes in their smile with stable permanent teeth without the hassle of dentures and limited diets. Our Atlanta implant dentist at Peachtree Smile Center specializes in helping patients realize their smile’s full potential through dental implants that are tailored to the exact needs of each patient.

All dental implants are not the same there are several types and variations depending on each individual case. Our Atlanta implant dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth to determine whether an implant is the right treatment and which exact type of implant to use. Generally, an implant consists of a titanium anchor that is implanted under the gum directly into the jawbone at the spot of the lost tooth. After a period of three to six months the anchor will bond with the jawbone forming an extremely stable and strong root for the new tooth. A post or healing collar will be placed on the anchor and then a dental implant crown, which is a specialized and precisely fitted cap will be placed over the post to form the new tooth. The new tooth will look, feel and function like the original tooth it replaced.

For some patients our Atlanta implant dentist may be able to use a thinner mini-dental implant. These thin dental implants require only minimal surgery and there is much less discomfort and faster healing time. Sometimes during the initial examination our doctor will discover that there is insufficient good quality bone available at the sight of the missing tooth to support an implant, which used to eliminate the possibility of a successful implant. However, when this happens now our doctor will often use a bone graft, which places bone from the patient’s hip or other parts of the body or even supplied from a tissue bank and is used to repair the bone at the implant site. The grafted bone grows into the site and strengthens it to support the implant. Our practice also uses bone grafts to repair and rebuild the jaw and the sinuses. For some implant patients our doctor can replace the missing teeth the same day as the implant procedure. Come see our doctor and learn how we can fix the holes in your smile.

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